The Ant Philosophy is a simple, but powerful concept…


They have an amazing four-part philosophy. Here is the first part: Ants Never Quit. That’s a good philosophy. 

If they are headed somewhere and you try to stop them, they look for another way; they’ll climb over,

they’ll climb under, they’ll find another way around.


Second, Ants think winter all summer long. That’s an important perspective. You can’t be so naive as to think

summer will last forever. Ants gather their winter food in the middle of the summer.


The third part of the Ant philosophy is that Ants think summer all winter. That is so important. During the winter,

Ants remind themselves, “This won’t last long, we will be out of here soon.” And the first warm day, they get out.

can’t wait to get out.


The fourth and final part of the Ant philosophy. How much will the Ant gather during the summer for the winter?

All it possibly can. What a great philosophy, the “All-You-Possibly-Can” Philosophy.


Never Give Up, Look Ahead, Stay Positive And Do All You Can.




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Coach Layton is the Head Performance Coach for Spartan Basketball. Layton is a Certified Sports Performance Coach through USA Weightlifting and has trained athletes from the developmental stages to college level athletes.

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