01 Jan 2013
January 1, 2013

Attacking Off The High Pick And Roll

January 1, 2013 Basketball Skill Development

What is the main intention when setting a ball screen? Give the ball handler a chance to score. Of course there are other options but that is the main intention. The ball handler must be able to separate from the screen and make a read on whether or not to attack. If the attack is shut down then they must find the appropriate option to make a play.

In the video below Tim Springer breaks down the technique of attacking off the pick and roll. The footage is taken from a scoring camp that featured Danny Green from the San Antonio Spurs.

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Trainer to the NBA, WNBA, College and Euroleague. Tim founded Spartan as a program that builds warriors of the game. His dedication to the gym keeps players seeking him to workout daily.

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