danny green scoring workout from san antonio basketball camp

 The 2013 Spartan Spring Break Camp in San Antonio was powerful.

The Danny Green Shooting Workout comes from the Spartan Basketball camp that Danny made an appearance at.
His very personable demeanor with the players brought an amazing element to the camp.  Green is a great role model to youth basketball players and a testament of persistence when following one’s dream.
As you will see in the video, he was very willing to share insight with the players on what he does within the drill that makes him so successful in the Spurs system.
The Danny Green Shooting Workout show cases some of the drills used during camp.  There are also some drills that are great to build into before getting into the game situation shooting. After watching the video, download the shooting workout and get to work!!
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Our goal at Spartan Basketball is to help every player wanting to get better. Through is how we can make that happen.
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Tim Springer of San Antonio, Texas trains elite basketball players.

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  1. I hope to get Diego in the next camp. God Bless.
    O. Valdez


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