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January 8, 2014

Improving Landing Mechanics In Basketball

January 8, 2014 Performance Training

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Improving landing mechanics in Basketball is a very important aspect of injury prevention and a very integral piece to being a basketball-specific strength and conditioning coach for Spartan Basketball

Everyone remembers this scary moment a few years ago when Derrick Rose went down… that wasn’t just a freak accident. 

Women are 5-8 times more likely to tear their ACL than their male counterparts, but as you see above, it can happen to anyone. 

The Head Team Physician for the Dallas Maverick, Dr. Souryal, expressed in an ESPN Feature that there are between 250,000-300,000 ACL Injuries per year in the world, and they are almost completely exclusive to athletes. 

In Derrick Rose’s case, as well as most cases in women’s basketball, the ACL Injury moment for basketball is during ‘landing’

We must find ways to incorporate proper landing techniques and training programs into our daily workouts to ensure the health and safety of our athletes.

Below you will see a picture of both proper and improper landing techniques.







On the left you see that his knees are inline with the second toe, which represents proper foot/knee placement for stability and strength. 

On the right you see the internal rotation which is the sole mechanics involved during the ACL tear. 

Which do you look like?

Various exercises that you can do to improve the strength in your VMO (decreases the amount of internal rotation allowed) and improve your landing mechanics can be seen here:

Body Squats

Chair Squats

Squat Jumps

Drop Landings

Spartan teaches these concepts in our weekly performance combines. Click the button below to register. 

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About the Author

Coach Layton is the Head Performance Coach for Spartan Basketball. Layton is a Certified Sports Performance Coach through USA Weightlifting and has trained athletes from the developmental stages to college level athletes.

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  1. Just got done a couple of months ago working with UCF’s basketball strength coach filming some exercises, and his big emphasis in the weight room doing any kind of squatting motion was making sure the knees were staying in line and not caving in. Great article and advice for players, keep up the good work!


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