15 Nov 2012
November 15, 2012

Know Your Players

Basketball Coaching

When I do coaches clinics I talk alot about knowing not only your players but your people. Most of the coaches look at me like there isn’t a difference but there is.

Knowing your players means knowing them on the court. Player A shoots well from the perimeter. Player B is a great rebounder. Although it is critical to have that knowledge, it is more important to know about who they are.

There alot of things that encompass that but lets break it down into several parts.

1.) What motivates them? Each player is motivated by different things. Do you know what they are and how to use them?

2.) Do you know your players family life? Younger especially, will show alot of how they raised and what challenges they have at home while on the court. Going into a season  knowing this intel will also help prepare you for any possible problems players may have.

3.) Why do they play the game.  Alot of players play for the same reason but you cant assume all do. You have to know this! It will help with the motivation but also show you the level of commitment they probably have.

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Tim Springer of San Antonio, Texas trains elite basketball players.

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