04 Mar 2013
March 4, 2013

Pivot Layup Drill


Players have the be able to finish at the basket. Especially when it comes to layups. The video below shows a great way to work on finishing at the high pace in which the game is played.  As with most drills within the Spartan Basketball curriculum, other skills are being developed as well. This drill in particular is not only going to get a high repetitions when it comes to layups, but pivoting and attacking the basket as well.

Pay close attention to the details talked about when performing the drill. The best player to be able to develop the skill performed in the drill is through proper technique.



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Tim Springer of San Antonio, Texas trains elite basketball players.

One Response to Pivot Layup Drill
  1. Hi Coach,

    Great little drill.

    For players U/14’s and above I tend to ask them to try and get to the hoop in one drill and two steps.

    Good little drill for some individual warm-up sessions.


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