A lot of players now a days, due to the media attention for high level players, think they are pure gold and the world and sport is here to serve them.

A perfect example is the mutiny that took place at Gunderson High School a couple winters back, when an entire varsity team walked out on their coach because they didn’t “get their way.”

The coach had suspended them for winter break due to lack of commitment and respect for him and the program. The player’s reactions? Here are a few of their statements below:

“We weren’t being that disrespectful,” and “He wants to run the team his way and doesn’t listen to our own opinions.” and “I’m angry that the coach would go to this extreme. I’m angry at the administration for treating us like we’re nothing but little kids and only listening to what the coach has to say.”

Well I will be the one to say it. 


You ARE NOT entitled to anything.

THIS GAME AND WORLD owe you NOTHING. If a coach says jump, you ask, HOW HIGH?

You RESPECT YOUR COACH because he is a professional who is trying to help you achieve your dreams, in this case a previous collegiate/pro player with his own basketball training organization outside of his high school coaching position. 

He just might know more than you. IN FACT HE DOES!

You work hard for this game, and you work hard for your coach, and you stand a chance of following your dreams. A coach will always respect you if you respect and follow the system, but if you think you are above the system, well…. good luck. 

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Coach Layton is the Head Performance Coach for Spartan Basketball. Layton is a Certified Sports Performance Coach through USA Weightlifting and has trained athletes from the developmental stages to college level athletes.