A scoring workout should contain alot of elements.

1.) Ball handling, triple threat footwork, and movement off the ball to work on getting the ball and seperation for scoring.

2.) Multiple finishes at the rim.

-layups -floaters -spin moves -step throughs (pro steps)

3.) Shooting from all ranges and situations.

-stationary -off the move -off the dribble

The following workout contains all of that with an element of innovation to keep the workout fresh and test the players conditioning as well.



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Trainer to the NBA, WNBA, College and Euroleague. Tim founded Spartan as a program that builds warriors of the game. His dedication to the gym keeps players seeking him to workout daily.

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  1. Good stuff. I think you are exactly right about keeping the information fresh. As a player I don’t want to do the exact same thing everyday.


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