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Refer A Friend

Want To Give Your Friend an Assist?

Do you have a friend, family member, or team mate that might be interested in training with us?

Hel them out by submitting this form with their information and we’ll send them a special offer on your behalf.

They get a FREE Trial Workout with us.....but that's not the best part.

If they decide to stay with the training and become a client, you get a FREE workout!

It’s a win/win.

You get to hook your friends up, and if they love it and join the family, you get rewarded! There is no limit as to how many people you can refer – earn as many workouts as you like!

***Be sure to give your friend or family member a heads-up to expect an email from us !

What grade does my player have to be in?

We accept players from 4th - 12th Grade.

What if my player is a beginner?

That's ok!! We help players of all levels whether they are just starting out or are advanced.

Our mission is to help each player hit their goal....regardless of where they are today!

What gym are you located at?

Train Anytime - Shavano

When Are Workouts Held?

Weekdays and weekends to accommodate for schedules.

Is there a contract?

No Contracts!!!! After your 1st workout you will then be offered the chance to join the Game Training Workouts. At that time you will be asked for a commitment of on a month to month basis. The investment is $260/month which can be paid bi-weekly.

You are able to cancel this training at any time.

Can I still play on my club team?

Yes!! We encourage it. This program is built to help you thrive during your club and school seasons.

Is this for San Antonio basketball players only?

No. We encourage players in San Antonio and beyond to join us for training.